Pure Pochampally Silk Sarees for a Pretty You!
Silk is an authentic fabric weaved with life & culture of India. Every occasion we celebrate or the special day we want to remember life-long, these days in a woman's life demands a silk saree. And this makes every saree in our wardrobe, close to our heart. Pochampally Silk is one among the many, that women prefer for their momentous occasions.

  The Pochampally silk saree is one of the prime choices of any woman to look special, as it carries the ageless beauty of Indian women since ancient time. These sarees maintains the ethnicity along with style & that's what it is prominent for. They are popular for their traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style of dyeing. The intricate geometric design find their way into the hands of skilled weavers and make it to the market as beautiful sarees and dress material.

  Pochampally silks have also marked the name locally as well as globally. The UNESCO has placed Pochampally in its list of potential world heritage sites as per the ‘iconic sari weaving clusters of India.’ You’d be also surprised to know that the air hostesses of Air India, the government’s official air carrier, are always draped in Pochampally silk sarees.

The presence of Pochampally silk saree is never less, in the category of celebrities as well. These celebrities have been spotted out in Pochampally silks & the choice have never gone out of style. This trio of beautiful ladies have shown the perfection of traditional look in the pure silks of Pochampally.

Disclaimer: All images of celebrities/models used in the article are purely for reference and they do not support/endorse the brand. The shown images are taken from different public domains. All product images shown are products of picksilk.com.

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