Must-Know Silk Saree Styles to Fit your Body-Shapes.
Every women are obsessed with being perfect, which is highly difficult to achieve as long as no one is perfect. Nevertheless, making our so-called imperfections to a perfect style is a total choice of ours. In a way, perfections & imperfections are all according to the way we perceive. The one with curves work out to get the size zero abs, the one with flat tummies, trying hard to put on that curves, these stories keep waving up & down & vice-versa. Here are few silk saree tips to be taken care of, according to your body shape  & be super-perfect.

Hour Glass Figure : Solid Colours & Large sized motifs are so your kind of silk saree features to emphasise your beautiful shape. When it comes to the silk saree drape, a floating style with quarter sleeve is sure to beautify your figure. Lightweight styles and silks which play up your curves are a great choice. An hourglass shape can carry the trendy, longer blouse, as this will lengthen the torso and never let you down.

Rectangle Figure : Our all-time saree wearer mothers are so concerned about the zero shapes of daughters, as they have a misconception that saree looks beautiful only on curves. Its time to prove them incorrect with this style tip. For ruler rectangle body shapes, silk sarees with big borders & elbow-length sleeves are way good to go. Also, try avoid using flowy material saree & instead go for stiff fabrics.

Pear/Triangle Shape Figure : Women with this shape is highly recommended to use half-saree type silks where the upper part & lower part are differentiated to refined segments. Flatter your shoulders with off-shoulder blouses or blouses with wide collars and embellishments. Hide your well endowed lower body by choosing dramatic colour contrasts which bring the upper body into focus. Boat necks and ruffled blouses work well for this type too.

Apple/Oval Shape Figure : This featured kind is advised to create the illusion of a longer torso and a smaller waist and draw attention away from a thick tummy or midsection. For this type of figure, wear blouses with wide and plunging necklines like a V-Necks, Square Necks or a Scoop Neck along with sarees with vertical stripes or small sized patterns. Large size patterns & sarees with big borders should be avoided to feel compact in your traditional wear.

So, try out these tips while you wear your silk saree & look perfectly beautiful for your celebration

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