Know the Amazing Factors that make Kanchipuram Silk Saree, an Evergreen Style!
The Kanchipuram Sarees are popularly known as Queen of Silks because of its noticeable texture, glimmer & the permanent fineness. It is one of the expensive taste of Indian women because of the fineness & unique durability. Here are few factors that differentiate this kind apart from other silk sarees & makes it one of the most magnificent silk sarees of India.

Weight Proportional to Quality Factor

The weight of the saree is one way to grade the quality. Higher the weight, higher the quality. Though there are many mixtures added for achieving the light weight feature to Kanchipuram silks, women have a belief of weight proportional to quality.

Unbreakable Border Silk Joint

If your Kanchipuram saree is genuine, it will have its body and border woven in separate sections. These sections are interlocked in a joint so strong that it does not detach even if the saree gets a tear. This special interlinking weave is known as 'pitni'.

Golden Weaves of Silk

The pure Kanchipuram Sarees are hand woven & the silk yarn is dyed with interweaved designs made with Zari. This is done by twisting a silk thread with a thin silver wire & run smoothly with pure gold. The thread with which the saree is weaved with three single threads twisted & this is another factor which makes it distinctive.

Burn Test

Pull out few threads of your Kanchipuram silk saree & burn it to get a leather burning smell or hair burnt smell. This is one of the ways to check if the silk is pure. This should not be expected with cotton blend silk or any other fabric mixed with silk, which does not mean are synthetic or machine made.

Thus Kanchipuram silk serves the Indian women's love for being authentic & traditional. In most of the parts, a celebration without Kanchipuram silk saree presence is incomplete. Either the bride at a wedding occasion, or the guest outfits to a traditional ceremony includes the beauty of Kanchipuram silk saree. Now, here are the factors to know that make it more special.

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