Facts about Silks & Picksilk
Here, we welcome the chance of letting you know what we stands for & what kind of procedures, circumstance s we go through while bringing you the most beautiful silk saree at your doorstep. 

Facts to be known about Silk Sarees

A Silk Saree always posses the highest uniqueness factor when compared to any other fabric/clothing. Two silk sarees hardly have identical designs. Since, every silk saree is exclusively handmade, these are never mass produced, instead it is as unique as only one in number will be available.

One at a Time
In a handloom, the materials used in go is always suited accordingly to make a single silk saree. Thus, once you need the same saree, it has to be weaved.

Factors affecting the Weaving Process
A silk saree takes minimum 3 days to 6 months to be weaved. The main factors that affects the weaving time span are the intricacy of designs as well as the climatic conditions. When the designs are too intricate & more refined, the sarees take more time to be weaved. Also, the conditions like rain & high temperature affects the time taken to weave. When its raining, the weaving is not appropriate to proceed as several intermediate processes need medium sunlight. If its high temperature, the colour of the die changes & the final product also differentiate from what is expected.

Why order delivery dates are longer than other e-commerce companies?

  • Almost all silk sarees in Picksilk are weaved upon orders. So while you make a purchase with us, you receive the exclusive silk saree specially made for you.
  • All our silk sarees are made from handloom clusters like Uppada, Pochampally and Kanchi. As these are remote places, courier connectivity is not very active when compared to other metros like Bangalore or Mumbai.
  • The climatic factors plays a spoil sport at times, and weaver face difficulty in weaving them at expected time.

About the Quality we Offer

  • Every celebration demands a beautiful silk saree & we promise you celebration will be never left out with the absence of the right silk saree choice. Therefore we bring the qualitative silks right from the hands of certified weavers at our guidelines & presence.
  • As long as there is no middlemen between the weavers & our team, the silk saree you receive is what, the weavers make.

Why do we follow Strict Return Policies?

  • Each silk saree is pristine & pure in its form while you buy from us. We are also aware that, you trust us with the quality & purity we offer which makes us to deliver the right ones to you.
  • As you know, the silk saree once unfolded, couldn’t retain its fold in the same condition and leaves folding marks & creases which results in losing its sheen.
  • So, we do not accept the returns of the saree and deliver it to someone else like other companies. We do deliver sarees directly from the hand of weavers. These criteria makes us to follow the strict policy of accepting the returns only under two conditions, ie; if it is damaged, or if you receive a whole different product. If & only if either of these conditions are satisfied, the returns are accepted.

Facts about Picksilk

  • We have created a mile stone within the last 2 years by delivering 10,000 successful orders.
  • We have our warehouses in handloom clusters like Uppada, Pochampally, Kanchi etc with 3000+ strong weaver network.
  • For single product delivery, the weaver takes upto 5days to weave the silk saree & 14 people works hand-in-hand to make you reach your product with the best experience.

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