6 Amazing Silk Saree Patterns that Looks Good on You!
As every detail of a silk saree is important, the type of designs or patterns over it are too inevitable to omit. A silk saree attains it completeness when every motif on it is highlighted to the most. With the case of these patterns, every design speaks a story or identity that reflects your beauty. So here are the silk saree patterns that are always classic to go for.

1. Checkered Silk Saree Styles 

This is one of the classic style since ages. Especially checks are characteristic feature of Uppada silk saree types. When it comes to checks, people have variety of options in the colours, size of the checks & even border differences. As a tip to style according to these kind of patterns, bigger checks are good for thin ruler body shapes & small check patterns are good for women with a hour-glass or apple body shape.

2. Striped Silk Sarees Styles

The another classic pattern taken for silk sarees are the stripes. There are many varieties in this type as well like the broad stripes, small stripes, vertical, horizontal & so on. Broad stripes have the ability to add curves to skinny women & thin stripes reduce the bulkiness of oval/round body shapes.

3. Floral Motifs

These are a very loved & popular designs women see for in silk saree styles. Be it traditional or western, floral designs are considered evergreen for elegance. Silk sarees of Kanchipuram, Dharmavaram are always filled with rich floral designs. These are the silk saree choices that ladies prefer for bridal silks or traditional guest outfits.

4. Mango Butta/ Paisely Motifs

This kind of motif has been prevailed since the start of silk saree era. This design was firstly seen on Kashmir shawls which then taken to a larger span to all other fabrics & silk saree got its influence in a much more wider way. The packed paisely designs are very rich & preferred for special day wears. In some silk sarees, this motifs are made in a rhythmic way at the borders alone.

5. Animal/Bird Motifs

Silk Saree being a part of our culture, the weavers of olden times used to depict the royal flora & fauna to the one they weaves. In that choice, elephants, deers, peacocks, parrots, leaves etc were on the top list & women used to like them then & now as well. These motifs were weaved sometimes on the entire body, or just on the borders. Nevertheless, these were always considered authentic to be in a silk drape.

6. Temple Motifs

The temples of ancient times was very specifically used by the royal class. So, the forms from the temple tops & roofs were inspired to develop over the silk sarees, as both were widely used by the royal people. Once a classic is always a classic & this patterns is highly loved by the ethnic lovers & silk-saree followers.

So, here we make you understand the significance of the motifs that is beautifully developed over the beautiful silk mastery. So follow the authentic patterns that you like among all & have a beautiful celebration.

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