7 Best Silk Saree Blouse Styles for the Perfect Celebration Look
Silk sarees are the absolute choice for the best traditional look that any woman would love to go for. But sometimes, when someone doesn't want to be completely ethnic, they feel like going a little contemporary along with it. Here are the best suitable styles for the ideal & complete celebration looks that you can mix & match the way you want.

Short Sleeve Style

This is a very classy style when saree tradition was taken to a fashion statement. In this general style, many varieties can be tried with the sleeve itself. Like a shape at the sleeve with beaded lace or tassels. If the silk saree have a big border/zari, that zari as a whole can be taken for the sleeve & the body of the blouse as plain colour.


Quarter Sleeve Styles

These sleeves are chosen mainly by the contemporary fashion lovers. At the time of 80's, this style was very prevalent & the same style have come as a classic fashion now. For quarter sleeves, the sleeve size are either upto elbow length, or more than elbow length or even covers 3/4 of the full hand which among the three is more fashionable now.

Boat-Neck Blouse Styles

This neckline is a very trendy one among the silk saree blouse designs. This kind of neckline helps your neck part more longer which is one ideal feature to have while wearing a saree. This also helps you not to go confused over neck-pieces because, the boat neck covers most of it.

Sleeveless Blouse Styles

This is mostly preferred by the ladies who want to look modernly ethnic for celebration. In this kind of styles, the most highlighted embellishment is a beaded dangler at the back of the blouse. Then variations are likely with the size of the sleeve strap, like sleeve strap can be very thinner which extend to a broader one with false sleeve which comes from the neck line.

Puff Sleeve Style

These kind of sleeves are one trend used in the real ancient time saree blouses. Now, the trend have been back with beautiful variation where puffs are made with different material or with lot of embellishments. The middle age ladies hardly go for this style but it is beautifully adopted by the younger age women with less number of frills & puff. Even bridal silk saree attire have this as a dominant style.

High-Neck Style

This neckline style is an elegant choice for your silk saree attire. This style is highly preferable for solid silk saree or very less shimery silks. The high neck style is rightly balanced when the blouse is richly patterned & silk is very elegant.

Scoop Neck Styles

This is a very sensuous styles of silk saree blouse designs. These are the kind of blouses used when you lot of accessories are supposed to be shown off, which makes it preferable for Indian brides where lot of jewellery is worn.

So, here are the best blouse design styles for your favourite silk saree to make your celebration look absolutely beautiful.

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