4 Must-Know things to Celebrate this Pongal, in the most Beautiful Way!
Pongal is a harvest festival - the Tamil equivalent of Thanksgiving. In an agriculture based civilisation the harvest plays an important part. The farmer cultivating his land depends on cattle, timely rain and the Sun. Once a year, he expresses his gratitude to these, & there all his family join together for the celebration.

Drape the Tradition

Pongal, starts with the way how the women at home look. So, be in the proper outfit of South Indian wear, which is the pure silk saree drapes. Make sure your silk saree attire welcomes the goodness of celebration with overwhelming beauty you portray.

Indulge in Art of Kolam Making

The Kolam is much more than just an aesthetic art. It symbolises happiness and prosperity. Insects and birds feed on the rice flour used for drawing the traditional Kolam at the entrance of houses. On the day of Pongal, family members jointly draw the kolam with rice flour that can be plain as well as coloured. Parallel straight lines can be drawn using a cylindrical rod (Ulakai) as a guide. A kolam can be a plain one or can be artistically drawn with symbols of cosmic interest. The kolam defines the sacred area where the Pongal is prepared.

Share the Happiness of Gifting

Harvest festival of Pongal is a major gift giving festival in South India. Tradition of exchanging Pongal gifts multiplies the joys of the festival and helps to develop stronger bonds of love and affinity between friends, relatives and neighbours. All through the four days of the festival people pay a visit to their near and dear ones and exchange box of sweets or dry fruits and a thoughtful Pongal gift.

Pongal, the Tamil Way

Pongal is to Tamils is like what Durga Puja is to Bengal, Baisakhi to Punjab, Bihu to Assam, Ugadi to Andhra, Makar Sankranti to Karnataka, Onam to Kerala. This shows how important it is to the people of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Pongal heralds the hope of a new era of prosperity. It signifies the end of the harvest season with plenty of hopes pinned on the entire Tamil month of 'Thai' beginning with the Pongal Day. This month is considered as the most auspicious day for the Tamils.

So, start off your Pongal preparations from now & assure that nothing is missed, instead every instance is enjoyed to the fullest.

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