4 Must-Have Types of Contrasting Silk Saree Blouse to Pair it in Style!
Here are the best styles of silk saree blouses one should have in general, if they have a great collection of beautiful silk sarees in their wardrobe. If we see someone's whole set of clothes, they used to keep some of them as a all-in-all wear, that can be a paired with almost everything. A black cotton saree blouse, a tissue gold saree blouse etc are great examples of these general outfit category. Similarly, to style almost any silk saree, the following blouse designs can help you team it up in a complete look.

Multi-Coloured Check Blouse : It is a very wise pick if you are bored of wearing the same matching blouse since ages for your favourite solid colour silk saree. With this kind, a solid saree or half & half silk saree goes well, which can give you a contemporary outlook for the day.

Black & White Striped Blouse : If you have the rich palette of maroon or purple shade silk saree or handloom sarees, pair it with a black & white striped blouse to look beautifully offbeat.

Brocade Blouse Style : Now, its time to choose the eccentric choice of contrasting brocade blouse designs for you beige or gold colour plain silks. If you have a dark shade silk saree, wear it with a rich coloured brocade blouse. This is sure to be a head-turner at any occasions.

Embroidered Floral Blouse : This is mostly preferred to style it with a bridal silk saree. Here, instead of experimenting too much, its always better to keep the class of taking similar colour or a matching colour for the blouse. To stay apart from the ordinary look, embroidered sleeves or back will highlight the overall attire. 

So, whilst you are bored of that old fashion silk saree blouses, show the energetic & modern essence to upkeep the traditional outfit,  with these style tips.

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