3 MUST-KNOW FACTORS!!! It's all about how to get a Perfect Traditional Silk Saree Look for you!
There are many ways to look great on a day you celebrate or you want to look special. One among them is a "Choice of Silk Saree Attire". But, there are times where silk sarees have also put you down due to the wrong pick, unsuitable colours or some other reasons which made the whole look, - not so good!. So, here are three things to be taken care of while you choose that special day look, silk saree.

1. Right Silk Saree Type

When a celebration is never complete without a silk saree, make sure, you pick the right one for that special day. If you are the one who have to run for anything & everything to get things sorted out, do it with beautiful & comfort option of Uppada silks or lightweight Chanderi silk sarees. When you are wearing a rich Kanchipuram or Dharmavaram silk sarees, make sure you are either the bride or the guest who meant to be seated in a zone of tranquility.

2. Choose Colours Accordingly

There are a whole course for learning about colour psychology & it is quite a lot to taken in for just choosing your silk saree. Instead, have a sense of balancing your look with colours you prefer. Like, for day light occasions wear bright colours, for indoor receptions prefer to go for creme, white or beige. When you have to shine at the evening parties, go trendy & traditional with shades of black/grey silk sarees with a contrasting blouse/border.

3. Your Body Shape Matters

Everyone is gifted with their own kind of body figures. Hour-glass, apple shape, ruler size, plus size or be it any type, silk saree drapes are highly preferred for a classy look. Nevertheless, you can style these silk sarees according to your desired shape. For apple/oval shape, get a silk saree with small patterns or motifs. If you are blessed with an hour glass shape, half silk saree types are recommended. If you are a skinny girl with size zero shape or a rectangular figure, go for solid silk sarees with big borders. Similarly, there is a lot more styles you can try relative to your beautiful figure.

So, here are the must-know factors to be taken care of while you choose Silk Saree as your special day wear. Everything matters & highlight the best features of it while you drape yourself with the most authentic clothing. We are glad when you look great!

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